What is the “Surfing” which created from our feeling, improvisation of freestyle.
"ORANM" will embody what is that concept with our tool of inquiry and express.


"ORANM" will gave various design of surfboards. Merge of "fully custom hand shaping" and "futuristic digital rocker design"surfboards have personality as same as individual surfer. We have realized collaborating with historical shaper which they have clearly and many experiences for embody concept of surfing. Dear those surfers who want to “become better at surfing", want to “regain younger surfing”, and want to “pursue surfing more”. “ORANM” will propose new style and generation.


We will embody "Easy Take-off","Easy Control"and"Best Performance"that based on the "design that can be integrated with the wave rhythm and surfer" under an experienced advisor and a shaper that designs a good board curve.